November 11, 2021

Interior Design Hacks: How to Make a Home Your Own

Picture this. You’re moving into your new home in Sentosa. You love the place and how it’s unique and different from your previous home, but you just can’t shake a certain feeling. Although it feels peaceful and quiet, you think that something is missing. That there can be more from this space.

It’s normal, especially in a different environment, to feel out of place at first. Or to feel disconnected from the space you're in. But don’t worry, it’s easy to shake this off! This just means that you have to make the space into something your own. And here are the ways you can achieve this:

Think of a theme or personality you would like to incorporate.

There goes an expression where your room perfectly describes who you are as a person. There also goes a saying where the environment you are in affects your productivity and energy. 

So think of a theme that could best set the tone of your life right now. Hoping for a minimalist approach for a more organized mindset in your home office? Want to have a K-pop-themed design to feel inspired in your room every day? Or do you want to make a living room as welcoming as possible? Plan what you want the room to portray and start working from there.

Take out your photos and artwork and display them.

The ultimate thing to make your home your own would be to put up pictures of the places and people you love. You may even add some artworks that perfectly describe you. These give off the feeling that you are surrounded by items that you connect with. It also adds more meaning to the walls in your home, something that could inspire you, especially on your bad days. There’s nothing like the feeling of nostalgia and love when you look at photographs that hold important memories.

Display the quirky pieces that remind you of yourself.

Have a jar of stars around or origami, maybe even some quirky character toys to define your space! It could be an action figure, a vinyl album from your favorite artist, or a small set of books on any desk--these pieces show who you are and define the room as an extension of you.

Change it up!

Don’t be afraid to mix up your atmosphere! Sometimes, the furniture we have can feel like it can be placed in a better nook in our home. To relieve this feeling, the easiest thing we can do is to move some furniture around. 

Feel like the sofa looks wrong on the left side of the room? Move it towards the window for the chance to look out at the greenery in Sentosa! The dining table feels misplaced? Put it in a spot where you think it is more convenient. It doesn’t have to be a big change, just a change that can make you feel more comfortable in your home. 

Add some plants.

Placing some greenery in your home is never a bad thing! Having plants improves the air quality of your home and gives off an outdoorsy vibe that relieves your stress. Worried that you don’t have a green thumb? There are a bunch of low-maintenance plants you may choose from! And who knows, should you want to upgrade your green space, you may upgrade to incorporating more plants into your garden.

You don’t need to spend a lot for your home to feel like one. Remember, it also takes some time to get used to a new space. Start with the pieces that you have and continue working from there! You’ll surely feel at home in a fine community like Sentosa.

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