September 09, 2021

Which Property Type Best Fits Your Lifestyle?

Whether you’re purchasing or renting a property, it’s important that you find the right space that suits your needs and lifestyle. Your home tends to reflect your personality when it comes to its exterior and interior designs. Finding the right house takes time and research if you really want to make sure that it’s the best fit for you or your family. It will surely help if you can narrow down your search to a specific property type that will meet your needs. 


Condominiums for students and young professionals on the go

Condominiums tend to have limited space so they are best suited for about one to three individuals depending on the floor area and the number of bedrooms. Condos are also strategically located near schools or offices. It’s convenient to have the option to walk or take a short jeepney ride to your destination, especially considering the traffic situation in the metro during rush hours. You won’t have to spend so much time and money for transportation, and instead you can allocate your energy to productivity. Most condominium buildings also include amenities like an in-house gym, playground, or study lounge that you can take advantage of. 


Townhomes for newly-weds or small families 

Townhomes are multi-level homes that are identical and lined beside each other in a street. These properties usually have a limited lot area, but there’s floor area to accommodate more people than a condominium due to its multiple levels. Townhomes are also located in residential areas, sometimes even within a private subdivision. It’s the perfect fit for newlyweds who have plans of starting a family. It’s easier to maintain and you have enough space for your future children. Simultaneously, it’s also ideal for small families who want individual rooms for their kids. In a townhome, you get a private carport where you can safely park your vehicles. There’s even enough space for a service area at the back to accommodate your dirty kitchen and laundry area. Townhomes are the perfect place to build memories with your family and have a stronger bond. The property is not too big that you won’t see each other every day, but you still get to enjoy your private space when needed. 


Single-detached homes for retired couples

Single-detached homes are the perfect choice for retired couples because they don’t need to worry about climbing up and down the stairs. Everything you’ll need is located on the one-floor level. Some private subdivisions like Sentosa in Laguna offer bungalow-type homes where you get one to two bedrooms. In this type of property, you get a front lawn, carport, and service area. 


Hopefully, you gained a few insights to help you find your dream home. Becoming a homeowner will always be a fulfilling experience, especially once you’ve finally found the right property. Just don’t forget to take your time in this process of looking for the space that fits your needs.


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