August 08, 2021

Top Features To Look For In A Child-Friendly Home

Seeking out a child-friendly home can be a challenge. Balconies, swimming pools, and glass windows might be on your home buying wishlist, but these features may not be safe for your little ones. 

It’s not easy balancing safety and style, but it’s not impossible. If you want to acquire the perfect home for your family, here are some features to keep an eye out for when shopping for properties.


Single-story homes

Toddlers just can’t resist climbing a set of stairs. Though you can always stop children from taking a tumble on the steps with a baby gate, you may find these accessories pretty inconvenient when roaming around your home.

Single-story homes, like an elegant bungalow in Sentosa in Laguna, Calamba are the best solution to this problem. You won’t ever have to worry about your babies hurting themselves from crawling down a flight of steps. These houses are also a great option if you live with elderly family members or loved ones with mobility problems. 


Fenced-in yard

Spacious yards can encourage your young ones’ physical and mental growth. However, you need to make sure they’re safe for playing outside, so opt for a fenced-in yard to keep them secure. This is especially important if the house you’re eyeing is close to a busy road in the city. 


Rounded furniture

No matter how spacious your house is, rowdy children will always find something to bump into, resulting in some pretty nasty boo-boos. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to invest in rounded furniture pieces. 

Avoid anything with sharp edges that cause knicks and bruises on unsuspecting children. Not only are these pieces practical and safe, they also look incredibly stylish and modern. 


Durable flooring

Hardwood floors look great, but they’re no match against toys being thrown or dragged across their surface. Laminate, tiles, or wood flooring are more durable options that aren’t easily scratched or dented. They’re also much easier to clean, so you won’t have to fret when your child starts playing with their food. 

If you’re concerned about your child injuring themselves on a hard floor, you can opt for carpet flooring. Just be sure to choose a stain-resistant carpet that won’t soak up pesky sauces and drinks. 


Secure balconies and windows

Make sure that balconies and windows are secured with grilles, like those found on the practical homes in Sentosa by Suntrust Properties. This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re interested in purchasing a high-rise condominium unit. 

The spaces between each grille should be small enough that your toddler can’t squeeze their way through. A child-safe lock on your window is another surefire way to prevent your child from opening them. 

Parenting is hard enough as it is without the added pressure of finding the safest and most suitable home for your family. This handy guide will hopefully help you identify the most family-friendly property for your needs.


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