May 05, 2021

Maintaining a Well-Ventilated Home While Keeping Windows Closed

Most people think that keeping a home well-ventilated means opening the windows and doors to allow air to enter. However, this strategy is not always helpful, especially if you live in a busy street where there is a lot of noise and air pollution. One of the downsides of living in the city is dealing with round-the-clock noise that hinders you from opening your windows for better air circulation. It is more challenging if you are living near commercial hubs and major thoroughfares. Fortunately, there are various techniques for keeping your house well-ventilated without having to open your windows.

How to Maintain a Well-Ventilated Home with Windows Closed

If you live in a condo where there is little to no access to fresh air, improving the room’s air circulation may be challenging. However, there are practical and easy steps you can take to improve air circulation. Here are some hacks to keep your home well-ventilated even with windows closed:


  • Use ceiling and table fans. Ceiling fans and table fans effectively push stale air out of the room and keep the air well-circulated. Although they do not create strong air, they effectively keep the air moving, preventing fumes. If you do not have a budget for a ceiling fan, a table fan will suffice. Although table fans are not as strong as ceiling fans, they can still provide good ventilation, especially in rooms with no openings. 
  • Keep the doors open. Keeping the doors open will allow the air to move freely, preventing stale air from building up in a room. Open doors promote healthier airflow by pushing stale air out and allowing fresh air in.
  • Include box fans near the doorways. Box fans are effective in pulling in the fresh air and releasing it to the room. With box fans, it is possible to speed up the air circulation process, effectively keeping the room cooler. If you are looking for affordable options, box fans are among the best options. 
  • Use a humidifier for those experiencing dry heat. Dry heat can cause skin irritation due to loss of moisture in the air. A humidifier is an excellent tool to add the right amount of moisture to the air, prevent dry heat, and keep the room cooler. 
  • Invest in an air conditioner. If you live in an area without much fresh air, an air conditioner is the best option. Air conditioners suck out stale air and heat from the room and replace it with cooler air through the compressor. For practical options, consider investing in an inverter-type air conditioner. Inverters are more expensive, but they are energy efficient and consume less electricity. 

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