April 04, 2021

Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

Caring for a pet is almost like taking care of a child; it requires proper handling and serious commitment. Just like children, pets are naturally curious, making them susceptible to dangers such as swallowing small objects, bumping into sharp corners, and falling from great heights. There are various precautions you have to consider to create a safe environment for your pet. It is also essential to choose a pet that suits your lifestyle, especially if you do not have the capacity to make huge adjustments to accommodate one in your life. If you own a pet and are searching for ways on how to create a pet-friendly home, here are some of the techniques you can use:

  • Install a safety gate. Safety gates are suitable for dog owners, especially those who own puppies and small breeds. These pets will often have a hard time going up and down the stairs. If you need to leave your pet alone to work and do not want to put them in a cage, a safety gate is an excellent option to prevent them from accessing dangerous places.
  • Install mats. Mats are an excellent precaution for younglings who are prone to falling from a height. Mats are also ideal in providing comfortable flooring where pets, especially cats and dogs, can play and fall asleep. 
  • Include a pet door. Make yourself easily accessible to your pets by including a pet door in your room. Pet doors are excellent for giving your pet freedom to play around the house and go back to your bedroom for cuddles. Pet doors are also perfect for potty-trained pets as pet doors will allow them to leave the room on their own and go to designated areas where they can relieve themselves.
  • Place a cage near windows or open spaces. It is essential to avoid making your pet feel confined, especially if you are always out. If you intend to keep them in a cage while you are out, it is imperative that you place the pen near areas with bright light to make their cage feel roomier. Do not place the cage on a spot directly exposed to sunlight as prolonged exposure to UV may cause adverse effects on their health.
  • Maintain proper humidity. Since pets do not perspire, it is easier for their skin to get dry, especially when there is less water vapor due to low humidity. On the other hand, a high humidity environment is hotter, making pets susceptible to heatstroke and other ailments. This is especially true for dogs and cats with thick fur. 

Creating a pet-friendly home for your pets will save you and your pet troubles and stress as a pet-friendly space will reduce the risk of diseases. It will also be easier to train your pet in a more conducive space because they will be more encouraged to learn and stay active. Having a pet-friendly environment will also lessen pets’ stress whenever they are alone. Before getting a pet, it is important to choose a pet-friendly neighborhood like Sentosa, where there are shaded walkways and parks where you can walk and bond with your furry friend.

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